On Saturday, April 2nd, Jacksonville Human Society tragically suffered a massive fire which devastated the facility. Sadly, 85 animals lost their lives although firefighters Jacksonville Humane Society Logoheroically fought the 30′ flames to rescue the trapped dogs and cats. A memorial service wil be held on Saturday, April 21st at 11:30am at the Jacksonville Humane Pet Cemetary.

But now comes the rebuilding and caring for the animals that survived and your help is desperately needed.

Here’s a request for physical items needed, thanks for bringing this to our attention Joy (of Dogster’s Canine Dog Blog).

I know this may be a long shot but our local shelter has burned and as a local citizen I am asking for your help or any help we can get:

Tragic fire at the Jacksonville Humane Society cares for 700-800 homeless animals every day & those animals need supplies also. The budget just isn’t enough. Can you help? The Animal Care & Control Center 2580 West First St. Jacksonville, FL, 32254 (904) 387-8924
Wish List:
Kong Toys, Dust Buster (1) for use in surgery, Bandanas for adoption dogs, Plastic small beds for puppies, Canned Puppy Food, Canned Kitten Food, Blender for puppy food for orphaned infant puppies, Plastic lids for dog food cans, Electric can opener, Grooming scissors -curved, Small kitten beds, Used or new terry cloth towels, Used X-ray machine, Centrifuge -spins blood down, Galvanized wash tub, Hose nozzles-bronze high pressure type, Mops, Push Brooms, Dust pans, Dry Dog Food, Dry Cat Food, Dry Puppy Food, Milk Bones treats for Cats, Squeaky toys, Used blankets, Bleach, Scrub Brushes, Laundry detergent, Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, Dog Brushes, Mop Buckets -on wheels, old-fashioned Clay Cat Litter -no clumping please

Cindy Andrews

 And here’s some information for where monetary donation can be sent copied from the Jacksonville Humane Society website.

Fire Donations

If you would like to help, we have a fire donation account with any Wachovia Bank (account #2000034081857). If you prefer, you may make a credit card donation online or take it directly to our Thrift Store which will accept cash, check and credit card donations.

 Please, open your hearts and do whatever you can.  Every little bit makes a difference.   Help 

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