Shirley McKenzie let two dogs starve to deathJust how cold, cruel and unfeeling can a person be? Well Shirley McKenzie, 54, of Tampa FL was as cold, cruel and unfeeling as anyone can be! She left two dogs to die a hard, cruel and painful death because they were her son’s who move out and she just didn’t give a damn!

When investigators showed up at her home at the 3600 block of Beechwood Boulevard they found a gruesome sight, two dogs, dead! One still locked in a cage, the other outside of the cage and so pitifully decomposed they couldn’t even tell the sex or breed of the dog.

McKenzie’s excuse, they belonged to her son who no longer lived there. She didn’t deny knowledge of the dogs, just any responsibilty. She didn’t care and she left to to starve and die a horrible and painful death.

“I saw the photographs,” department spokeswoman Marti Ryan said. “They are truly horrible. There is no way that any animal lover could stomach these.” She “claimed these dogs belonged to her son, who had moved out,” Ryan said. “She claimed to the investigator knowledge of the dogs. She knew they were there. She did not apparently do anything to care for them and allowed them to waste away.”

Arrested and charged with two counts of felony animal cruelty and two counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty for improper confinement and failure to provide food and water she posted $5,000 bail and was out in hours.

“We wish we had gotten this report earlier and spared these dogs what had to be a very slow and painful perishing,” Ryan said.

So now you know how cold, cruel and unfeeling a person can be and Shirley McKenzie was! There was no reason or excuse for what she did! A simple phone call could have saved these dogs’ lives but that was too much for her. How could she do it, sit back and live her life, eat her meals, knowing that these dogs were suffering horrendously? What is wrong with this woman??

Source – St. Petersburg Times

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