Who Stole Buddy's Wheelchair?Now what kind of a person steals a wheelchair, even one for “just a dog.” That’s what Sheri Trent of Beaufort, GA is wondering now.

Her 14-yr old dog, Buddy, who is diabetic and has a degenerative disc disease was a sedentary and depressed pooch after he basically lost the use of his back legs, that was until Sheri found a craftsman who made a custom wheelchair for Buddy.

“It gave him a new lease on life. Before he had it he was really depressed. He was stuck in the house unless we took him for a ride because he’s almost 40 pounds. You can’t just carry him around the neighborhood,” Trent said.

But then someone actually stole Buddy’s wheelchair. Shari had left it on the screened in porch of her home after a walk and the next day when she went to look for it, it was gone. She can’t imagine who would steal it, who would even know what it really was.

Now Buddy is getting around with a loaner but it’s not the way it was. This one was not made for him and a new one would cost about $500 aside from the fact that there is a very long waiting list for the wheelchairs.

“My hope is that they didn’t know what they were getting but that they would return the chair, no questions asked,” Trent said.

The Beaufort Police Department is handling this case and they ask you to call with any details that could lead them to Buddy’s wheelchair. You can call them at 843-524-2777.

Now that’s just a shame. People get lower and lower every day. You know the little pooch was a well loved fixture wheeling around the neighborhood. Someone knows something and whoever did this didn’t just steal some aluminum and wheels, they stole a dog’s way to overcome his disabilities. No different than doing the same thing to a person but Buddy can’t say anything about it.

Disabled Dog’s Wheelchair Stolen in Beaufort

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