CodyHow could anyone be so cruel as to go into a yard and steal a puppy right out from in front of the owner, an obviously ill man? Now Donald Selby’s not just his Labrador puppy, Cody, but his friend and the dog he hoped would protect his daughter after he was gone.

This sad story comes to us from Charlotte County, Florida.

A Vietnam veteran battling cancer watched as someone stole his puppy from his front yard – and because of his condition he couldn’t stop the dog-napper.

Donald Selby got his Labrador puppy, Cody, a few months ago to keep him company and protect his daughter after he dies.

“They said I wouldn’t live long,” said Donald Selby, the dog’s owner.

Recently, he was in the front yard of his Port Charlotte home with Cody so the puppy do its business and he noticed a suspicious car parked nearby.

Selby says as Cody sniffed around the bushes a man just came up a grabbed the puppy.

“I saw the guy’s back. I just saw him running towards the car carrying Cody,” said Selby.

He says he tried to stop the dog-napper the only way he could.

“I yelled, but I can’t run because of my surgery,” said Selby.

However, it was too late. The car sped off with Cody inside, leaving Selby shocked and saddened.

“He’s family. It’s like losing a child. I didn’t think they’d take a dog right out of your yard,” said Selby.

The veteran is asking for your help to get his puppy back. He has posted an ad in the newspaper. If you have any information about this crime or the location of Cody, you are asked to call the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. (NBC 2)

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