pinkyA NY deaf woman, Desire Tangert who is an aspiring pastry chef  is heartbroken and missing her beloved companion, a 3-lb Yorkshire Terrier, named Pinky who she trained to understand sign language.  On March 19 thieves broke into the home she and her father share and made away with a laptop, an antique wedding ring, a special TV for the deaf but most devastating of all, they stole Pinky and now Desire is pleading for the return of her companion.

“Why would somebody steal my dog? We had a very special relationship. I feel like she’s my daughter. She acts like such a human. I taught her all kinds of things. I taught her how to sit down and stand up give kisses, high-five and even how to separate colors. She was a very smart and special dog,” Desiré said.

Sadly there have been more and more reports of dogs being stolen, especially the small breed dogs which are so popular. Thieves look at dogs no different than anything else they steal, as something to turn a quick buck.

I know I would be beyond heartbroken if anything happened to my babies but just imagine being hearing impaired and someone stealing your dog. A dog that is more than just your beloved companion, a dog that also helps you. It’s like taking someone’s arm.

Help get the word out!!  Share this with friends, family, online groups.  The family has offered a $1000 “no questions asked” reward and plastered flyers all over their Ozone Park neighborhood and beyond.

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