Cute Puppy for SaleDue to the latest rage influenced by Hollywood celebs and socialites, tiny, cute, cuddly puppies are in big demand. Big demand equals are big money makers and unscrupulous breeders are gonna make sure they get their green. Websites and ads are popping up all over the place and those cute little puppies can also be seen in any petstore that sells puppies to the unwary.

If you’ve ever browsed the internet maybe you’ve seen some of those websites with all the adorable pictures of puppies and read about how they’re raised in family homes, given love and attention, are happy and healthy. Those cute little puppy faces just steal your heart and who wouldn’t love a puppy raised with such love.

The thing is, the reality behind those websites and ads and even pet stores claiming the same thing is nothing but a bunch of BS and hype! What really lays behind those cute puppies, the harsh cruel reality is often hundreds of dogs and puppies stuffed in cages as you’ll soon see.

An undercover investigation showed these realities about a couple of breeders and also showed their carefully written, well crafted hype as the BS it was!

One of the kennels under investigation was World Kennel USA, a breeder near Palmdale. World Kennel USA’s website (which oddly enough is no longer up and running) claimed to be written by a girl named Kelly who said that she and her parents raise their dogs in their home in a loving atmosphere. They say their puppies are carefully bred–in the house with constant attention.

Investigation showed a picture much different than what was painted with the pretty words on the website, dogs in cage after cage after cage.

When a neighbor is interviewed the “puppies are carefully bred–in the house with constant attention” claim gets blown away when he says it’s nothing more than a “puppy factory.”

Another breeder investigated was World Lennel ranch. In a petstore in Koreatown that sells puppies from World Lennel ranch, which is supposedly run by the World Lennel Ranch family, puppies are sold for about $900. The clerk assures the investigator that the puppies aren’t from a puppy mill but from a ranch where they and their parents get to run around and frollick all day long. What a nice thought!

Again reality intrudes when a visit is made to the ranch. An employee interviewed said that the dogs are all kept in cages;

“Do the puppies run free on a ranch?”
“They’re in cages right?”
“They don’t run free?”
“Not literally. Not literally no.”

And what’s more, they discovered over 400 dogs kept in cages and trailers, cooped up with the very barest of necessities, a little food and a little water, nothing more. Cages stacked on top of cages on top of cages. More than four times the amount of dogs they’re even allowed to have by law!!

This same kennel has been cited in the past for problems and after this investigation came to light, guess what, yup, they were in trouble again!

Watch the video and see the some of the investigation and the reality behind the hype!

Puppy Mills Exposed

Hmmm…. wonder where all those cute cuddle puppies are that are supposed to be in the family home, raised with love and constant attention or frolicking around the ranch? So much for the reality in advertising!

Its time to end the abuse, the cruelty and the lies!! Share this and let people see the reality with their own eyes. These are not just a couple of isolated cases, these are not exceptions to the rule, these are the rules!!


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