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For the Love of the Dog

Three Hanged, Burned Dead Dogs and a Pentagram

Pentagram found carved into tree near where dead dogs were foundA wooded area off Tippecanoe Road in Fayette County, PA is the scene of one of the worst cases of animal abuse animal control officers there have ever seen.

When authorities were called in to investigate smoke coming from the wooded area, they found a gruesome sight; three dogs hanged in a tree, burned and dead. And ominously close to the scene, carved into the base of another tree, a pentagram.

“It’s crazy,” said Rob Maule of the Fayette County Humane Society. “It’s ridiculous. It’s inhumane.”

“I cried,” said Theresa Lundren of the Humane Society. “I cried when I first seen this. But then I got strong, because I want to get who done this. I believe this dog might have been used as a satanic ritual, and it might have been alive when they did this.”

Authorities don’t know if there is any connection between the pentagram and the horrific cruelty, but they will be investigating anything and everything to try to find the person responsible for this and they do believe more than one person was involved because it would most like take more than one person to hoist up the more than 80 pound dogs.

“I’ll struggle until the day I die to try to take care of these animals and find out who is abusing them and who is doing what to them,” said Maule.

Authorities are asking for anyone with information to come forward. It would take some seriously sick and depraved individuals to do something like this and I can’t believe they would be safe to society. Who knows where their next target or targets may lie?

Source – The Pittsburgh Channel

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