Clover, from dumpster dog to therapy dogThis could have been yet another horror story of an abandoned puppy, and had she not been found, she most like would not have made it. Instead, it’s a story of love and inspiration.

For a 9 week old birth defect puppy, St. Patrick’s Day really was a lucky day! Someone had tossed the tiny dog into a garbage bag then in a dumpster because she was born with only three legs, most likely someone who was attempting to breed and didn’t know what they were doing.

From Dumpster Dog to Therapy Puppy

Clover, as the little Cock-a-poo mix of some sort has been dubbed, not only has a home where she is loved, spoiled and pampered, at only nine weeks old, she has a job too!

Laura Chase, whose friends found the little abandoned puppy, is a physical therapy assistant at Oakmont Nursing Home and Residential Care Center in Union. She knew right where Clover would fit in and do something inspirational. Clover is now a tiny little therapy dog at the nursing home and you can bet she revels in all the attention and love and the residents just love her too.

“To see her hop around and fall and get back up makes them want to do the same thing, be able to get around and be more independent,” says Chase.

The video is just precious, a must see!


From dumpster dog with a deformity who someone didn’t want, to what might be one of the most adored and appreciated animals in Union, South Carolina. Seems the luck of the Irish was at work in more ways than one this Saint Patrick’s Day. Oakmont resident Mike Turner says, “She’s getting spoiled. She is going to require a lot of attention when she leaves here, if she leaves here.” (WSPA)

I wish all such stories could have happy endings like this and I just have to take hope and some inspiration myself from this one! 🙂

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