starved-dead-puppyA Terre Haute, IN woman, Laura Ross, is facing three counts of animal cruelty after a tip brought animal control officers to a home on the 1500 block of Chase Street. Animal Control is calling the horrific sight that greeted them the worst case of animal cruelty they have ever seen.

Three puppies, one dead, the other two so emaciated, living in their own died up feces.  Officers cannot even estimate how long it’s been since the poop babies had been fed or watered for long enough to kill one and leave the others merely skin covered skeletons.  The odor was so bad the stench could be smelled from the street.

“It’s very horrible, horrible to see,” says Terre Haute Animal Control Officer Tim Manley. “I don’t see how anyone could treat an animal this way.”

The two surviving puppies were removed and taken for treatment and are expected to survive.  They literally had to be taught eat again it had been so long since they had been given food.

Unbelievably, the maximum penalty that this heartless piece of trash faces is only a $300 fine on each count! Indiana, what the hell is wrong with you? One innocent helpless puppy starved to death, two others starved for so long they were nothing but skin and bones and had to be taught to eat again and this… this… woman faces only a $300 fine for each count? And most likely she won’t even get that!

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