Sylvia ShortIn February, three chained pitbulls were found at a rental property, in the 1100 block of Mitchell Street in Shelby, NC.  The dogs had been abandoned and starved to death.  The dogs were found by a neighbor who was cleaning his backyard when he noticed the chained up dogs and immediately called the humane society.

The previous renter, Sylvia Short, 26, denied that she owned or abandoned the dogs.

“It was her residence and no one else’s,” Assistant District Attorney Katie Sawyer said. “These dogs were starving as she was living there.”

“These dogs were chained up with no way to feed or care for themselves,” said Sawyer. “They were entirely at the mercy of human beings to care for them.”

“I can’t imagine the pain and agony of starvation and totally helplessness as they were chained to trees,” Marguerite Mebane, president of the Cleveland County Humane Society said. ‘Anyone that could allow this to happen should never be allowed to own a pet.”

Short was charged with three misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty and earlier this week was found guilty by District Court Judge Meredith A. Shuford. Short was sentenced to supervised probation, had to pay fines and cannot have any animals during the probation period.

“There is no happy ending but there is some satisfaction that justice was served for these animals who suffered immeasurably,” said Mebane.

I’m sorry, but I don’t see justice here! Three dogs, chained to trees, totally at the mercy of this person, suffered a long, slow and painful death in the middle of winter and Short is only charged with misdemeanors and given probation…. where is that justice?? These should have been felony charges and she should be in jail!!

And she continues to deny that the dogs were hers. How do you live in a house with three dogs chained up outside, that don’t belong to you and not know it? Dogs that no doubt barked and cried and begged for food, for water, for attention!!

There is no justice!! 🙁

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