The three teens accused of burning a dog to death on May 15, are now facing additional charges of aggravated animal cruelty stemming from another dog burning!

The additional charges are for an incident that occurred on May 9 and was not at the time reported to the police, but after the May 15th incident police launched an investigation into it.

Now the boys also are charged in a second incident that happened May 9.

Porsha Drewery, of Rutherford Avenue, told police after the May 15 incident that she believed the boys burned and killed her 14-year-old daughter’s chow puppy. Drewery said the boys admitted to her that they burned 2-month-old Camile after she found the injured dog charred on her back porch.

The dog was suffering and Drewery said her neighbor shot Camile, putting the chow out of its misery. (

The three boys, two 14 and one 13, had their initial court appearance on May 25 for the May 15th crime and were informed of the charges of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Where are these ‘kids’ learning this type of vicious, cruel behavior?!? These are just the kinds of ‘kids’ that grow up into violent criminals and populate our prisons! The judicial system needs to take strong measure NOW! Their usual ‘slap on the wrist’ psychology accomplishes nothing but sending them back out on the streets for new victims. What will is be next time… a child?

What do you think should be done?

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