zimmermanUpdate 6/21/09 – Military Punishment for Dog Killer, Abuser a Joke! No Justice! VIDEO

As El Paso, TX Fort Bliss soldier Spc. Frank Zimmerman awaits his court martial in the brutal beating death of his adopted dog, Tinkerbelle, we now find out the Tinkerbelle and Wrigley were not the first pair of dogs adopted by him nor, most likely, were they his first victims.

In a period of seven week Zimmerman and his wife attempted to adopt at least 8 dogs, 6 of which they did adopt.  The first pair, two lab-mix puppies adopted from New Hope Alliance at the end of January, are dead, allegedly from parvo. A vet that was interviewed said they tested negative for the disease but due to the incubation period, parvo could have been the culprit in their deaths. There is no way to know now.

After the puppies’ deaths, the Zimmermans went back to New Hope Alliance in February and adopted to more dogs. These were returned within 48 hours traumatized and injured.

“When the animals came back into our custody, the animals did appear to have some type of trauma,” Rebecca Rojas, a volunteer coordinator with New Hope Alliance, which works out of the El Paso County Animal Control said.

At that point red flags went up and the Zimmermans were placed on the DNA list. Unfortunately this list was not assimilated to other rescues and shelters so for all intents and purposes, the Zimmermans were allowed to slip through the cracks and adopt two more dogs, Tinkerbelle and Wringley, but not before attempting to adopt from Animal Rescue League at a West El Paso Petsmart store.

“When the Zimmermans came out here, there was something about them I wasn’t comfortable about, my gut feeling,” said Loretta Hyde, director of ARL.

ARL requested a home visit and at the point the Zimmermans passed on adopting two dogs from them. They then went to Pet Guardian Angel in Montana Vista and adopted the poor doomed Tinkerbelle and little Wrigley, and we already know their fate: Tinkerbelle dead after being beaten and stomped to death and Wrigley’s leg broken, shattered.

Needless to say, they are now questions if the deaths of the first two puppies from New Hope Alliance was actually from parvo or something else.

Communication Could Have Avoided Dog’s Death

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Facing an animal cruelty charge, Zimmerman’s  court martial is expected to take place with 45 days where a recommendation for a discharge ha been given to Commanding General Howard Bromberg.  A spokesperson said that the case will actually mmost likely be resolved by the end of the week though.

So this piece of trash, went from one place to another searching out his canine victims and now at least one, possible three, are dead at his hands and another three injured and traumatized.  And this is a man with a wife and an infant child?  He seriously need to be locked up away from anyone he can inflicts more suffering upon!

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