A Yorkshire Terrier PuppyA tiny 3 month of Yorkshire Terrier puppy, like the one pictured here, met a cruel and vicious death at the hands of a sadistic jealous boyfriend.

Renzo Saco of Mine Hill, Morris County, NJ, was arrested and is facing numerous animal cruelty charges after the crushed the skull and broke the neck of his then girlfriend’s tiny puppy. He then tossed the puppy’s dead body into some woods behind a mall in Roxbury last week and told his girlfriend that the puppy got out and he couldn’t find it.

The girlfriend got the puppy, named Boogie, weighing all of 3 pounds in February and officials say that Renzo Saco was jealous that she paid more attention to the puppy then to him.

The poor puppy’s body was found by a witness who called authorities. Saco was then arrested and charged and as of Wednesday was being held at the Morris County Jail on $30,000 bail.

Big tough guy Saco is, brutally killing an innocent and defenseless tiny puppy. Maybe he can find himself a new ‘friend’ in jail that he doesn’t have to be jealous over who will lavish constant attention on him!

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