Update 6/21/09 – Sentence for Killing 5 Puppies?  Only 40 Days!

This waste of human life is Robert Allen Fullmer, 54 of Talent, OR.  On Sunday morning workers the the Southern Oregon Humane Society were met with a gruesome sight; a sealed plastic storage container with 5 plastic bag wrapped large mixed-breed puppies about 8 weeks old inside. When the news got out it didn’t take long for a concerned neighbor to tip off the police with some information.

Robert Allen Fullmer was supposed to be taking care of the puppies and mother for his roommate who was incarcerated but decided he just didn’t want to do it anymore so he suffocated each of the puppies and had someone dump them off at the humane society.

“It was not a financial hardship, but he didn’t want to care for them,” Talent Police Chief Mike Moran said.

“It was just flawed decision-making,” he said of the deaths and delivery of the bodies to the Humane Society. “It’s not hard to surrender puppies.”

A vet examined the puppies and determined that they didn’t die of natural causes or even die humanely. Those puppies, barely 8 weeks old, not even having a chance to live, suffered a painful and horrible death at the hands of a cruel and heartless bastard just because he got tired of caring for them.

This morning Robert Allen Fullmer was booked into jail on counts of aggravated animal abuse and surprisingly when they were booking him they found a packet of meth on him so they added charges of possession of methamphetamine and supplying contraband into a correctional facility.

This trash has quite the background too, multiple felony and misdemeanor convictions on drug charges, driving under the influence and resisting arrest. His bail was set at $35K.

Hopefully he’ll rot in there!

Luckily the mother dog was taken by a friend but the police will be checking on her welfare.

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