Tortured DogYou see this cute little pup? Can you imagine what kind of person it would take to tie its legs and even it’s mouth closed with zip ties and toss its crying, squirming body into a dumpster? Well, that’s exactly what some cruel, sick and twisted ‘person’ did!!

Westminster authorities are looking for leads to determine who tortured a dog found in a trash bin with its legs so tightly bound that the skin was worn to the bone.

The white and tan Chihuahua-Pekingese mixed-breed male, estimated to be 2 years old, was found by a resident in an apartment trash bin near Westminster Boulevard and La Pat Place on June 23.

“Whoever put this dog in the Dumpster tied his legs together with zip ties,” Westminster Animal Control Officer Karen Pickl said. “He chewed the front [ties] off but his back legs were still tied when he was found. It looked like they might have put one on his mouth too. It’s cruelty to animals, and we want the public’s help in determining who did this heinous act.”

The dog, now under the care of the Huntington Beach branch of the Humane Society, is healing and slowly gaining weight, Pickl said. It will be available for adoption when it heals.

The Chihuahua-Pekingese could have been inside the large trash bin for more than two days, Pickl said.

Anyone with information is asked to call (714) 898-3315, Ext. 365 or 364. (Los Angeles Times)

Can you help? Have you seen this little dog or have any information at all?  Please don’t let the sick person who did this get away with it!!

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