Emma - Tortured dogAt the end of July, I brought you a story about a poor dog who had been tortured by having either scalding water or lighter fluid poured down the length of her back, she also had gouge marks on her neck from a collar or rope or something like that being embedded into her skin as well as bite marks on her head.

Tippecanoe County authorities surmise that she may have been a fighting dog that wouldn’t fight. Emma, as she has been named, despite the what she has been through, remains the same sweet and affectionate dog she was when found wandering Lafayette’s south side. She’s never stopped wagging her tail.

“It is a testament to the dog that a human could do that to her and she still loves people,” said Nita Pollock, co-owner of Crystal Creek Kennels in Battle Ground where she was taken after she was found on July 20.

Well now this sweet girl is recovered and she needs a home, someone to love and care for her and make her a part of the family.

Emma is being fostered with Amanda Falcone, a Purdue University student in Layfayette, along with her own two dogs, a golden retriever named Molly and a Yorkshire named Lucy. Falcone usually foster 6-8 dogs at a time and initially did want to foster Emma since school was starting but one look in Emma’s sweet eyes and she couldn’t say no.

After a couple of quiets days with Falcone, Emma began to come out of her shell and started playing with Falcone’s dogs at home and at a local dog park. Despite her scarring, she’s won over neighbors and friends with her sweet temperament and good nature. She’s great with adults and children and other dogs, not so good with small animals.

And now Emma needs a loving forever home. “We want someone who wants a dog, not the story,” Falcone said as Emma rolled on the floor in her Lafayette home. “As you can see she is a beautiful dog.”

Falcone will decide on the adoptive family after a successful home visit and they will be required to reimburse the kennel only for the costs of the spaying and vaccinations. Falcone would like to see a fenced in a yard and maybe another dogs for Emma to play with.

The Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Dept. has not found the dog’s abuser though the case is still open, said April Keck, county animal control officer.

“We want to find who did this and charge them with animal cruelty before it happens again,” she said.

For now, Falcone and her animals are trying to prepare for Emma to move on.

To learn how to adopt Emma or other animals contact Amanda Falcone at anfalcon@purdue.edu or through www.petfinder.com.

I’d like to extend special thanks to everyone who was involved in getting Emma through and giving her a chance that she so deserves. At least her story has a happy ending. The only way it could be happier would be to find the cruel and vicious person who tortured and abused this sweet girl.

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