A majority of the 30 dogs siezed from Nahume Belvilus, 29, in the 200 block of South 24thDog Examined Street, Ft. Pierce, on Monday and Tuesday and taken to Humane Society of St. Lucie County after an investigation that began on Saturday may be adoptable.

Initially Humane Society Director Frank Andrews felt that the dogs may be in too bad of shape to be adopted out especially after one of the first two that were rescued on Monday tested positive for heartworm.

How tragic that would have been after the life of torture and starvation that these poor dogs have endured only to be destroyed. As it turned out, only one out all the dogs, tested positive for heartworm.

“It surprised me not all had heartworms, considering the deplorable living conditions they were subjected to,” Humane Society Director Frank Andrews said.

What also surprised Andrews is that the dogs are friendly, yearn for attention and are quite the “tail waggers,” considering they’ve been beaten and starved, he said.

Local veterinarian Dana Juillerat examined the animals Wednesday and found open sores and other signs of abuse, Andrews said. Two of the dogs have scars believed to have been caused by beatings, he said.

Though they’re being housed at the Humane Society, the dogs are in police custody and once released to the shelter, Andrews expects to place at least 90 percent of them into foster care and adoptive homes, probably in about a month. Others may have to be euthanized because they are too aggressive.

“When they first came in, I thought this wasn’t going to be a happy ending, but as we’ve observed them, 90 percent are friendly and doing a lot better than we thought,” Andrews said.

Police are investigating the possibility Belvilus was using the dogs as “bait” to train attack dogs for dog fighting. Belvilus is being held at the county jail in lieu of $175,000 bail on nine felony and 13 misdemeanor charges. (Sun Sentinel)

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