Sweetie-mutilated dog“This is torture worse than I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Vickie McCauley. “And, I want whoever did this to know this is wrong! You can’t go around doing things like this to animals.”

Vickie is talking about the gruesome discovery she and some co-workers made on June 22. Near a dumpster outside the Country Home Learning Center off Balcones Club Drive and North 183 in Austin, TX, was a plastic bagged wrapped bundle. At first they feared it was a child and started unwrapping the bundle only to find the bound, burned and mutilated body of a female pitbull.

“Her paws you know were all bound up all tied up with a rope. The bag was all tied up as well,” said McCauley. “To me it looks like a Pit Bull that was abused, tortured.”

When McCauley called authorities, they made a quick determination that it was just a decomposing canine body that an owner must have wrapped up and thrown away.

“The police officer said that he feels that this is just a decomposing animal. I don’t feel that way,” said McCauley, “When I got the plastic off of the body and I looked at her it’s like mmm-mmmm this is not okay. It’s just…to me that is not decomposing.”

That was when McCauley decided to look a little closer herself. “I wasn’t going to leave it,” she said. “Whatever it was, I wasn’t going to leave it until I investigated.”

Removing the plastic bags and blanket the dog was wrapped in, she found the dog’s paws were bound, her face and back had been burned and her throat had been slit.

Austin police are investigation but haven’t seemed to come to a conclusion whether the dog was abused or just dumped by her owner after she died.

I haven’t heard of a dog being burned, bound, and cut as dying of natural causes ever before. Doesn’t seem to me like it would take too much to determine that this was a cruel and vicious killing, a case of abuse.

Disappointed that the investigation has basically gone no where so far, McCauley christened the dog “Sweetie” and she a a group of other animal activists held a small memorial and laid flowers for her at the dumpster where she was abandoned.

“I just wanted her to know that not everybody is bad and mean and the horrible thing that happened to her was inexcusable,” said Cindy Marabito.

And of course, they want justice for Sweetie!

“Personally I want to know who did this and why they did this and I want to seem them punished for it,” said Ernest Samudio.

“I really want to know who did this to this animal. I think it’s wrong,” said McCauley.

Austin PD needs to take the time too look into this further and determine the cause of Sweetie’s death. This crime cannot be pushed under the carpet. Whoever did this is a danger. If they would do this to an innocent and defenseless animal, what about the next victim? Animal abuse and interpersonal violence is a well documented fact and even if people look at this with the sad mentality that “it’s just a dog,” what about next time? Animal abuse must be taken seriously!! The person who did this must be caught and punished!

A $2500 reward has been put forth for information in this crime.

If you have information on this case, please contact: Austin Police Department 512-974-5000. I think we also need to contact them to make sure they are actually investigating and taking this seriously!

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