steven-wesleyWhat is it with these big tough guys beating little dogs to death?  A Albuquerque, NM man, 41-year-old Steven Wesley, 6′ and 220-lbs, got ticked off when his girlfriend’s little Chihuahua, Chester, growled at him so he beat the dog to death.

To me, what is really pathetic is that the little dog’s owner, Diedre Davenport, said this is not the first time this has happened. He’s actually beaten the dog before… and she stayed there, living with him knowing his propensity for violence and animal abuse so she was not surprised that he killed the dog!

“Steven has beaten him up a couple of times before, but Chester was able to recover,” Davenport said. “This time, he died.”

Now, after it’s too late for her dog, she’s telling people to get out before the violence starts. Why couldn’t she take this advice herself??

If my other half ever laid a hand on one of my dogs I would be out of here so fast it wouldn’t even be funny, after I beat the stuffing out of him! He doesn’t even raise his voice to my babies.

Davenport says that she’s now broken up this this loser, Wesley, who is charged with extreme animal abuse and being held in jail.

Hopefully he’ll have the chance to run into a really big guy who will show him what it’s like to be cornered, slapped and punched! Waste of human life! Bullies like this never pick on anyone their own size, the small and defenseless are their chosen targets because they’re truly cowards!

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