christopher-w-tann We got us a real tough guy here, my friends. A Shawnee, KS man, 25-year-old, Christopher W. Tann, beat his now ex-girlfriend’s dog on two occasions and was so proud of himself that he bragged about it to another woman that he was seeing at the time.

On the first occasion, in November, he kicked the dog so hard that 13 ribs were broken. The second incident in December he broke the dog’s tail. The dog is only a little 20-lb Lhasa Apso named Blitz and Tann decided to take out his anger at his then girlfriend on a little, innocent victim that couldn’t fight back.

blitzThe tough guy was so proud of himself that he actually contacted another woman he was dating and told her about it. Guess he figured that would impress her. Not only was she not impressed, she was so disgusted that she called the dog’s owner.

“He had bragged about snapping the dog’s tail with his hands,” Shawnee police Detective Tom Dyche said. “She was disgusted and amazed at what he had told her. That’s when she contacted the dog’s owner.”

Both women then dumped Tann and became friend with each other and Tann… well, he was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty under “Scruffy’s Law.”

Scruffy’s Law was passed in 2006 and elevated certain types of animal abuse to a felony level.

“We had a lot of cases in the past where we’d have to go through municipal court to charge and that’s a misdemeanor, and now it’s bumped it up to a felony status,” Dyche said.

Unfortunately the max sentence, even for a felony animal abuse charge is only one month in jail and a $5K fine. He deserves a lot more than just 30 days behind bars!! What a low life bastard!

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