George Antonio DavisThis is George Antonio Davis of Clackamus, OR. This waste of human life made the news in May when a little pitbull puppy he owned was found to have suffered “chronic and constant abuse” at his hands.

“The x-rays revealed that this puppy has multiple fractures of the ribs, fractures to both eye sockets, front of the skull and right front leg,” said Dr. Otteman, OHS Director of Shelter Medicine when the puppy was examined in May. “It is unfathomable to me that someone could hurt a defenseless puppy.”

And no one can say that Davis didn’t know, oh he knew, he just basically said that he didn’t care enough to get help or treatment for her.

Charged with animal abuse in the second degree which is punishable by up to six months in jail and a $2,500 fine, as well as animal neglect the judge handed down a measly 30 jail sentence!! Yup, yet another slap on the wrist! Guess his guilty plea on October 6th included a plea deal for practically no punishment if he’d just take the guilty plea… as usual!

sierra-abused-pitbull-puppyOh and Davis has two domestic abuse arrests that were for some reason dropped but you can see the connection here, domestic abuse and animal abuse, hand in hand. What a big tough guy! Beats up on women and defenseless puppies, wonder if he has any kids?

The puppy named Sierra, received care at OHS and has recovered from her terrible injuries. Even in May when she was brought in, she was a happy girl, wagging her tail and loving everyone she came in contact with despite the pain she was in and the abuse she’s been dealt at the hands of this monster! She’s been with a foster family and will be available for adoption later this month.

I don’t know, I guess I should be happy that he actually got some jail time and not just a fine and probation but it’s hard to be.  Yes, Sierra did survive and will have a chance to have a wonderful life, but what did she ever do to deserve the treatment, torture and abuse she received? Look how young and tiny she was! Sorry, six month in jail just doesn’t cut it but it’s better than nothing with happens far too often.

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