Trooper You all remember Trooper, the pitbull girl that was found stuffed in a garbage bag, wrapped with duct tape and tossed in a dumpster in Baltimore in August?  Well, she’s recovered from her injuries and after some time spent at a special rescue at an undisclosed location where she and other dogfigthing victims have a chance to be rehabilitated she’s finally ready to find a new home!

It’s believed that Trooper was used as a bait dog due to her small size and lack of previous scarring as well as the fact that she doesn’t have a fighting dog’s demeanor.  But she suffered horrific injuries, not just physically but also psychologically, emotionally.

Even though her physical wounds could heal, she needed more.  She needed to learn to trust again, to be able to be around people and other dogs and basic training.  All that was accomplished with the love and dedication of experts who have worked to rehab other dogs who have been involved in dogfighting rings.

“They specialize in rehabbing fighting dogs and often times, dogs are taken from big name dog fighters and those dogs are very, very valuable.” WHS Program Officer Scott Giacoppo says, “I hate to say it, but it’s almost like a witness protection program for dogs.”

In this program, which is a privately funded organization, dogs have their own rooms, no cages, a place to swim, are assigned their own person who even stays with them overnight at times. They get play, exercise, cuddling and of course, training.

Trooper’s caregivers say that she’s doing wonderful; she’s come out of her shell, walks nicely with other dogs and even has a sense of humor.  She all ready to find a family and a home that will give her all the love she so needs and deserves.  she will always carry the scars of her abuse, call them badges of honor, but her beauty and spirit still shine though!

Check out these new pictures of this sweet girl!  I know we all wish her the best and brightest future!

Trooper running

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