See Update – 8/28/08 – Puppy Killer Identified – Retired Doctor, John L. Heine

Authorities in Kalispell, Montana are looking for the scum who threw twelve newborn puppies in a trashbag then tossed them in a dumpster. Thanks to the luck of a scavenger at the dump site on Montana 82 in Somers, two of the puppies survived.

Jenn Makulec, who maintains the dump sites for the county, said that the man jumped into the dumpster when he heard squeaks coming from one of the bins and ripped open the garbage bag. Inside were twelve black and white puppies, only two, one male and one female, were still alive.

Makulec wrapped the surviving puppies in a shirt and took them to the Flathead County Animal Shelter.

A veterinarian said the puppies were German wire-haired pointers that were likely two days old.

“They’re currently doing pretty good,” said the shelter’s director, Kirsten Holland.

Makulec returned to the shelter Thursday afternoon and took the puppies home, where she is bottle feeding them.

Undersheriff Pete Wingert said the garbage bag contained material that could potentially identify the person that dumped the puppies.

Holland said she will ask the county attorney to charge the suspect with one count of animal cruelty for each puppy found. (Great Falls Tribune)

It take a really cold and heartless piece of trash to do something this low rather than take these puppies to a shelter. To kill creatures so innocent, how cruel!! Make you wonder what they would do with an unwanted child. I’m sure they are a real asset to society!

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