antonio_rayOne in Ardmore, OK where on Tuesday night Ardmore residents watched in horrow as Antonio Ray dragged a pitbull behind his bicycle through the city streets.  Numerous people called police and one couple even captured a picture on their cellphone.

dragged_dog_ardmore“He was dragging the dog,” said John Rhodes, who witnessed the event. “It’s arms were behind it. It’s chest was on the ground and there were streaks of blood.”

Rhodes measured the blood trail in his truck, it was at least a quarter of a mile long.

Antonio Ray was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

The dog was taken to Ardmore Animal Shelter with injuries to it’s side, head and paws, but died before any treatment could be given.

I say tie the bastard to the back of a bike and drag his sorry ass through the streets and see how he likes it!

Ardmore Dog Dragging

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Then another dog was dragged in St. Claireville, OH.  A woman on Colerain Pike called 911 after watching in horror as a pickup drove down the road with a dog tied to the back.

“He had a dog and he was dragging a dog on the back of his truck,” the female caller says. “It looked like the dog was tied to the back of the truck and he was dragging the dog.”

Belmont County Dog Warden after being alerted to the incident found the dog, a 7-8 year-old beagle mix after following the trail of blood.

The dog was rushed to New Horizon Animal Hospital for treatment for shock, pain and extensive injuries.

“He’s got severe burns or abrasions down both front arms, on his chest and around his muzzle,” said Dr. Moore. “His back feet are actually the worst. He was probably trying to get his feet underneath of him as he was dragged.”

Authorities describe the truck as an older model blue and white pickup truck with some rust on it.

Would someone tell me what the hell is wrong with people!! I can’t even use the words I want to say…. OMG!

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