Mack and Flash, brutally tortured and killed How devastating and heartbreaking! Two of Steve McGlonn’s and girlfriend, Barbara Hatfield’s, dogs were found brutally tortured and killed in Ohio.

Mack, a black Labrador retriever, and Flash, a Walker coonhound normally roamed the couple 56-acre property but were always home for dinner. On Friday, (12/28 ?) when they didn’t show up for dinner and still not during the night, they began a search for their missing dogs looking in the woods and neighboring properties.

They had heard a rumor around the neighborhood that some people who lived nearby stole, tortured and killed dogs. Although they didn’t want to believe the rumor, they checked the property in question, just to make sure.

“We couldn’t get on the property because the gate was locked,” Hatfield said.

The following Tuesday, a caretaker took the couple up to the locked property so they could search for their animals.

When they began the search, neither was prepared for what they would discover.

“When I saw Mack and Flash, laying there cold in a ditch, I wanted to jump in and lay with them; but she (Barbara) wouldn’t let me,” McGlonn said.

After discovering the remains of their beloved pets, their sadness turned to anger.

“I just don’t understand how someone could do that to an animal, mistreat it like that,” Hatfield said.

The Pike County Humane Society came to the scene to pick up the animals and take them to the lab to determine the cause of death.

“Those animals were tortured badly,” said John Owens, executive director of the Pike County Ohio Human Society.

Owens believes the animals were hanged with barb wire acting as a noose, to keep their head steady while they were tortured.

As the investigation continues, Owens is quiet about those responsible for the dogs’ deaths.

“We have a person of interest as of right now, but I can’t give out anymore information without hurting the investigation,” Owens said.

The animals’ bodies were returned to the family, and McGlonn buried them.

“I put my camouflage jacket and Mack’s collar in the grave with them. I know that both dogs are at peace now,” he said. (Chillicothe Gazette)

On the same property along with the dogs, investigators also found a fawn in a garbage bag and another dead, butchered deer. The dogs were actually found “in plain view of the owner’s place of residence.” The Humane Society says they they have evidence that this is not the first time that dogs have been tortured on that property.

What a horrible situation and to find out that this is not the first time something like this has happened! Hopefully this time something will be done about it and the monster who did this will pay for his crime!

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