One of the Dogs killed because of pet sitter neglectHow would you feel if you left your beloved dogs at what you thought was a responsible pet sitters only to receive a frantic all during your vacation from your sitter screaming that two of your dogs were dead and they were killed by your third dog? Can you even begin to imagine the horror?

That’s just what happened to Katherine and Darrin Alford of Lee County, NC. They left their five dogs with Summer Ann Roberson while they vacation in Las Vegas. Two days into their vacation Roberson called them, screaming that their two little terriers, Bitsy and Chess, were dead and that they had been killed by Ramsey, their own black lab.

The real horror story unfold after they raced home. It seems that 4 for the dogs, the two terriers, the lab and another dog had been lock in the bathroom without food or water for no one knows how long. Luckily for the Alfords, Katherine’s brother and father-in-law cleaned up the bathroom before they got home.

According to Animal Control, one of the smaller dogs may have been partially eaten based on photos from the scene.

“I can’t sleep at night because I am haunted by the thought of what they went through in that room it makes me sick!” Katherine said.

The sitter, Roberson, has gotten a lawyer and refuses to speak with the Alfords who say they have learned a painful lesson that they hope no other pet owner ever has to learn. “The only thing I would say in the future is I would have a neighbor watch my house I would have a set call time. I would have an absolute schedule. You don’t answer the phone, I’m calling the police,” Katherine said.

Lee County deputies have confirmed that Roberson as been served with a criminal summons for animal cruelty. A hearing is scheduled for September 11.

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