Last week, in Beaumont, Texas, police officers were called to a home on a report of a dead dog.  This is what they found:


A dead dog with a collar tied to a chain.  It wasn’t rocket science to see it suffered from starvation.  According to their investigation, the owners had moved several weeks ago and left the dog behind.  The cause of death was later confirmed by a necropsy report.

The owner of the dead dog said she had moved from the home in June but returned to feed and water the dog every day.

Oh yeah, if you believe that I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.  Do not insult our intelligence Ms. Owner of the “dead dog that you fed everyday”.  You are so full of crap.  You left the dog to starve.  That is not a picture of a hungry dog; it is the picture of a dead dog – dead by your negligence.   If you couldn’t take the dog with you there were alternatives; a shelter, a rescue, the neighbors…family…friends…another rescue…another shelter…  Anything, but this.

starved_golden_airWhat really hurts is that she could get a Felony Animal Cruelty charge but the police plan to file a misdemeanor only.  A misdemeanor charge isn’t punishment enough.  It’s carte blanche to commit more cruelty.

The police also found a malnourished Golden Retriever.  The Golden Retriever was lying near the dead dog and they believe she was a stray and befriended the other dog.   How sad is that?  These poor starving dogs had nothing else than each other for comfort.  We don’t even know if they befriended each other while the one was still alive.

The Golden is being evaluated at the shelter and should be available for adoption.  According to the shelter workers, she’s a sweet dog and full of love.  They really want to see her adopted.  I hope someone takes her and showers her with love, toys, a comfy bed, and nice big fat juicy steaks.

I write this in total despair.  There seems to be no justice for the dogs that are left to die lonely and starving.  These are living creatures! People like this woman who left this dog to starve pollute the earth…with their indifference, their stupidity, and their stink.


Thanks Andrea, heartbreaking, just heartbreaking!!  I know you’ll keep an eye on this one to see if we can find out who “Ms. Owner” is so we can post her name and maybe even a picture. A damn shame that someone can cause such suffering and walk away with little more than a slap on the wrist.  This cruelty should be charged as a felony and the punishment severe!! Damn her to hell!!

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