Update 4/30/09 – Holstein, Second Missing Rowan County Animal Shelter Dog Found!!

Recently two dogs were stolen from the Rowan County Animal Shelter in Morehead, KY.  One, an 8-year-old beagle named Jake and the second, an American Bulldog named Holstein.  One of the dogs was dragged under the kennel fence leaving behind fur, flesh and blood.

holsteinJake, the beagle, was found about 6 miles from the shelter.  He was most like used as a bait dog for a dogfighting ring.  He is severely injured and has obvious bite marks.

Holstein, who was about to be adopted by a soldier returning from Afghanistan, is still missing.  Shelter and rescue advocates are worried that because the beautiful black and white dog is a bully breed he may be used for dog fighting.  They are offering a reward for his return.

Please help to get the word and picture of Holstein out.  No dog deserves to suffer such a cruel fate as dogfighting.  Can we put some pressure on and hope it’s not too late to save this boy!

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