Alexander Michael Greger

Update 5/28/09 – Dog Torturer, Killer Gets 2-5 Years – VIDEO

Mark this name and face well my friends, we’ve got a real psychopath here!  Alexander Michael Greger, 22, of Hilton Head, SC is, thankfully, behind bars where we can only hope he stays.

Greger was arrested Friday and charged with 4 counts of animal cruelty and he’d, previously in the week, been charged with criminal domestic violence against his girlfriend. Police say that two adopted dogs were tortured to their death, another one abused and Greger, the man behind it all, was just recently arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, 28 yr-old Mary Garrison.

The girlfriend came home after work on Nov. 22 and found Gregor beating their dog, a white German shepherd named Jake. The woman attempted to stop the abuse, and Gregor began hitting her on the face and biting her several times. The woman ran and hid in a bathroom.

After shooting the dog in the head multiple times with a pellet gun, Gregor killed the dog by drowning it in a bathtub. The woman told officers that before that incident, she saw Gregor abusing her dog, an adult Husky mix named Paddy, on two different occasions: Oct. 13 and Nov. 5.

The woman also said that after the Nov. 22 incident, Gregor had adopted, abused and killed another dog, a German shepherd mix puppy named Tag. The woman said Gregor had buried the bodies of both Jake and Tag in separate locations, one on Hilton Head and the other in greater Bluffton. (Island Packet)

So the four animal cruelty charges were, one for the abuse and killing of Jake, one for the abuse and killing of Tag and two for the abuse against Paddy.

Jake, a white German Shepherd, had been adopted from Hilton Head Humane Society, then after Jake was tortured and killed, Greger adopted a German Shepherd mix puppy, Tag, from Jasper Animal Rescue Mission. Tag was killed when Greger repeatedly slammed the puppy’s body to the ground.  The girlfriend’s husky, Paddy, was beaten and had cologne sprayed in its eyes until they swelled shut, was slammed to the ground and had its head held under water.

The remains of the two killed dogs were found and a preliminary examination showed they both suffered horrendous abuses and there were pellets lodged in the skull of Jake.  The remains will be sent for further forensic examination.

I know I ask this all the time, but what the hell is wrong with someone to do something like this.  They cannot be a part of the human race.  There is something wrong with this monster! Lock him up and throw away the key!

And I am going to refrain from commenting about the girlfriend who watched him abuse and kill dogs since October and didn’t do anything. Part of me wants to rail away at her but another part questions her situation, ie, domestic abuse.

UPDATE – 12/16

Prosecutors are drafting paperwork to upgrade the charges from misdemeanors to felony animal cruelty charges.  If a grand jury indicts, Greger could face up to 5 years and $5,000 per charge.

Greger remains in the county jail on a $35,243 bond.

What I find amazing is that he would ever be charged with only misdemeanors in the first place.  If torture, abuse and killing doesn’t qualify as felonies, I don’t know what does.

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