parsons-bubblesAn Alum Creek, WV family is dealing with heartbreak today after someone shot their two dogs, Bubbles and Scooter, and dumped in the wooded areas behind their home.  Even sadder, they are sure they know who did this. Merissa Parsons believes it was her father-in-law who so callously shot the dogs in the head, stuff them in a cooler then dumped, scattering leaves over the bodies.

parsons-scooter“We went looking up on the hill and they found the cooler, it was full of blood,” Merissa Parsons said. “Down below the cooler, Bubbles was laying there with leaves all over her, and then a couple of feet down Scooter was laying there too with leaves all over him.”

A Kanawha County humane officer is investigating the crime which appears to have been committed with a small caliber handgun and when they have a clearer picture, felony charges will result.

I just cannot understand the maliciousness of someone doing something so cruel to a family, to family members. What could these little dogs have done to be brutally shot and dumped like this. I wish there were more details available and if I find more information, I’ll add it.

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