anthonybookerIn a New Castle, PA neighborhood, Larry Tanner was cleaning brush when he discovered a horrific scene, two pitbulls with heavy chains and collars, chained to a tree, starved to death.  Food and water bowls were placed just inches from their reach.

The dogs had died a horrible painful long suffering death.

The house on the property was tagged as unfit to live in and no one had live there for at least a year.  Police did track down the last occupant of the house though, Anthony Booker, who did claim the dogs as his.

He claimed not to have chained the dogs to the trees.  He’s been charged with two counts of animal cruelty.

How can someone leave two dog to die, claim them and then say he didn’t chain them?  If he didn’t then who did? Even regardless of who chained them, although I’m sure none of us really believe he didn’t, why did this low-life piece of garbage just leave them to die the horrible death they died.

There is no reason or excuse that anyone can possibly give to negate to horrific cruelty!

Some people don’t deserve the honor and gift of pets and it’s quite obvious that Anthony Booker is one of them.  He needs to be in a cage where he belongs.  Maybe someone should chain him up for a while, within inches of food and water so he gets a taste of what he put those poor dog through.

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