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Two Pitbulls Set on Fire – VIDEO


UPDATE 5/2/09 – Pitbull Burning Teens Finally Arrested!

Two pitbulls, one a recently pregnant and possibly nursing female and a male, were set on fire Saturday night in the Dallas, TX neighborhood of Pleasant Grove. Neighbors and children are still traumatized after witnessing the “fireballs” running down the street.

“I heard a whole lot of screaming, like a dog was crying. I looked out the window and saw a big ball of fire,” said Shun Hickman, neighborhood resident.

Neighbors rushed to help the dogs while others tried to chase down the teens, a 15 and 17-year-old that is believed to have set the dogs on fire before turning them loose in the street. Although the teens were gone by the time the police arrive, they were identified.

dallas_pitbull_burnedThe two dogs were so badly injured that had to be euthanized.

The dogs were traced to an address where six other pitbulls were seized but no arrests have been made.

“One of these dogs, her face – it was practically burned off. It was just horrific, as bad as it gets,” said Jonnie England, Metroplex Animal Coalition. “They were in indescribable pain.”

Kids!! Again kids getting some kind of a sick thrill out of causing sufferig and pain.  What the hell would make two teens set tow dogs on fire then release them into their neighborhood?  The law needs to take a serious stand on this and show that animal cruelty is not a joke.  Too many abusers getting a slap on the wrist is sending the message that people can get away it.  I don’t give a damn if they are kids, kids do not do something like this, not normal kids.  There is something seriously wrong with them that they think this is acceptable, a joke, funny!

Two dogs suffered incredible, excruciating pain.  I only wish we could visit just a small amount of that on the scum that did this to them!  Now that would be real justice!

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