Shanay Sampson A neighbor called complaining of a bad smell coming from 3704 Marguerite St. N., Tampa, the home of Shanay Alexiadreona Sampson, 25. When police investigated, they were greeted by a horrific sight! There found a total of six dogs, two adults and 4 six week old puppies.

One of the adult dogs, a male pit bull was found chained in the backyard with no food, water or shelter, scabs and scars covering its face and ears, dehydrated and severely underweight. A female mixed-breed dog was found locked inside a wooden shed, filled with feces, the only ventilation was a half-open window, there was no food, water or electricity. And most disturbing and horrific of all, inside a wire crate, police found the bodies of 4 six week old decomposing puppies, partially eaten by maggots and flies, on a blanket littered with feces.

Sampson said she’d moved out of the mouse two weeks ago but had returned on Wednesday, just two days prior to the gruesome discovery, to feed the dogs. The neighbor who’d called to complain, on the other hand, said they’d seen no one at the house for about8 days.

Sampson was arrested and charged multiple counts of felony animal cruelty, six counts of animal cruelty and six counts of abandonment of an animal. She was released Saturday on $6,000 bail.

Red anger fills my mind as I think about the lives of hell and horror of these poor dogs, and the deaths the tiny puppies endured. I just imagine the piteous whines of the babies with no mother to even comfort them, their tiny bellies empty, huddling together for comfort, dying one by one as their strength finally gave out, their mother locked in a shed, unable to go to them, weak, starving and dehydrated herself.

What kind of a monster could have so hard a heart to leave such innocent and defenseless creature to such a cruel fate? Burn in hell!!

Tampa Bay Online

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