dog-tortured1Ember, a black Labrador,  was reported missing by her family on February 28.  She was found Wednesday when two boys were riding their motor bikes in the woods behind New Albany School in Cinniminson, NJ and noticed wires sticking out of the ground.

When the boys investigated they found more than they ever expected. Pulling on the wires unearthed the head of the dead black lab, the wires attached to her collar. Authorities were called to the scene and confirmed that it was indeed Ember who was reported missing weeks ago and a necropsy revealed that death was caused by a beating and a .22 shot to the back of her head, execution style.

It didn’t take the police long to track down the abusers who so cruelly and viciously killed Ember, two juveniles, a 15 and 17-year-old. Ember belong to the family of the 15-year-old.

When police brought them into the station, the teens confessed to the crime. “They confessed to me yesterday they went behind Albany school. The one kid took a .22 caliber rifle from his grandfather’s house, brought it in a guitar case behind the school,” said Det. Richard Calabrese of the Cinnaminson Police.

The 15-year-old initially told police that the dog was sick and his family had no money to euthanize the dog but it turned out the dog was just on antibiotics.

It also turns out the these two miscreants, who are also leaders of a self styled criminal street gang with ties to an Aryan Nation group, are no strangers to trouble.

“In the interview, they talked about killing other small animals,” said Det. Calabrese. “It was more like a power trip than a sense of accomplishment.”

They’ve each been charged with charged with Possession of a Weapon, Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose, Unlawful Possession of a Weapon on School Property, and Cruelty to Animals and will also face charges connected to their gang affiliation.

“Abusing animals is how it starts,” aid Lt. Col. Sy Goldberg of the NJ SPCA said. “When you take abuse out on an animal it usually eventually leads to similar actions against humans.”

These two little monsters are already well on their way to a life of serious violent crime. At 15 and 17 years old their lives are essentially over unless they make some serious changes and I would like to be more optimistic but at the rate these teens are going, they’re going to wound up in prison before long, not just jail, but prison and if this is the kind of behavior they find preferable, then that’s where they belong and God help them!

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