Get ready!  This Friday, September 25 at 10PM, Rescue Ink will be Unleashed on the National Geographic Channel.

Never heard of Rescue Ink?  Well, they’re 1,700 pounds of muscle with over 80 tattoos.  Joe, Johnny O, Batso, Big Ant, G, Angel, Eric, Des, Bruce and Robert make up a new breed of animal advocates.


If you’re abusing animals and these guys show up at your door, all bets are off.

For the last 2-plus years, Rescue Ink has been very active in combating animal abuse in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania area, and even some states beyond.   According to their website, their mission statement is “…to fight animal cruelty, educate abusers and help resolve situations other rescue groups can’t – or won’t – handle themselves.  Using every means within the thin boundaries of the law.”  Their programs include Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR), building dog and cat houses for outside animals, transport, children’s education on kindness to animals, and (of course), answering calls on animal cruelty and neglect.

rescue_ink2_airThe group rescued 180 cats from the home of a hoarder, recovered a dognapped bulldog, confronted a cruel recluse who was shooting small animals for sport, and helped liberate hundreds of other animals from abuse and neglect.   Many of the dogs they save have been forced into dog fighting or used as bait dogs.  They will even buy animals if that’s what it takes to get them away from abusers.

They’re hard to overlook, and they haven’t been.  Articles about them have appeared in People Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, Inked Magazine, The New York Daily News, and even the New York Times.  Television appearances include the Ellen DeGeneres show and Good Morning America.  And now we see the debut of their own reality show, Rescue Ink Unleashed.  Trust me, I’m in front of the TV this Friday night.

I’m also running to Barnes and Noble for the companion book, Rescue Ink:  How Ten Guys Saved Countless Dogs and Cats, Twelve Horses, Five Pigs, One Duck, and a Few Turtles.

You know, animal advocates and rescues donate 200 percent of their time, money, and energy to combat animal abuse.   Sometimes it just feels like an uphill battle.  Now it’s time for a new approach.  Time to get tough.

And it’s about time!

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Rescue Ink Official Web Site


Thanks Andrea, this is excellent! I love these guys, we need Rescue Ink groups all over the country.  These guys are great and they don’t take any stuff off anyone.  You gotta love them!

Andrea, remember about a year, year and a half ago before they got really big on the scene and we were all talking about them?  Been hooked since then.  This is one time that I am going to lament not having cable because this I would love to watch!

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