SpikeSpike, as the dog was named, the dog who was rescued from railroad tracks on July 24, is ready to be adopted and find a loving forever home.

Spike, a black Labrador retriever-Chow mix, has been in a foster home with Bob Koci, a Union Pacific worker who spotted the dog with a heavy chain wrapped around his neck near Interstate 30 and Loop 12.

Spike will be available for adoption on Saturday at Operation Kindness in Carrollton.

Koci is an animal lover who carries dog food in his truck to feed strays he encounters alongBob Koci and Spike his route.

Spike was about 10 pounds underweight, executive director of the no-kill animal shelter, Jonnie England, said.

Koci was caring for Spike in his Benbrook home until the dog gained more weight. (NBC5i)

Operation Kindness Logo

3201 Earhart Drive
Carrollton, TX 75006
FAX: 972-417-8956

Operation Kindness is Offering a $2500 Reward
Because Operation Kindness works diligently to ‘Stop Animal Abuse, For Mercy’s Sake,’ we have reported this crime to Dallas Animal Services and the Dallas Police and are offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) who chained Spike to the railroad tracks and left him to die a horrible death. Anyone with information should contact Dallas Animal Services’ cruelty investigators at 214-671-0105.

The Humane Society of the United States has joined Carrollton-based Operation Kindness in offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever was involved in chaining a dog to the railroad tracks in West Dallas.

The society will match the nonprofit shelter’s $2,500 reward, making the total reward in the case $5,000. (Dallas News)

The Operation Kindness contact is Jonnie England at 972-418-7297 or jengland@operationkindness.org.

The Humane Society contact is Kathy Tompson at 1-817-492-8000 or ktompson@humanesociety.org.

UPDATE – 8/9/07 – Spike Adopted!

Today Spike got to meet his adoptive family! 😀

A McKinney family has adopted the black Lab-chow mix dubbed “Spike” by animal welfare officials who’ve been caring for the dog.

Spike has now been placed with the Mike Watson family, who arrived today with their own pet — an Alaskan Husky — to see if the two dogs would get along.

So far, so good. (Houston Chronicle)

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