Finally the dog that had been left caged behind and unoccupied house for 8 months has been removed and is with his owners.

For the past eight months, Wheeler and other neighbors say they’ve provided food, water and additional shelter to the caged pit bull.

In recent days, City Councilmen Keith Soderquist and Rick Long have been pushing Mayor Shirley Wadding to have the dog removed. County records indicate the owners of the house are delinquent in paying their property taxes and the house is set for a tax sale.

Long, who broached the issue at the City Council meeting June 7, agrees with Soderquist that action needs to be taken as soon as possible.

Soderquist said last week that City Attorney Ray Szarmach had given city officials clearance to pick up the dog.

He said owners of the dog, who don’t live on the property, have not regularly fed and given water to their pet, forcing neighbors to take over.

“It does fall under the category of our nuisance and abandonment law,” Soderquist said. (NWI Times)

Finally this past Saturday, homeowner Juan Giro, removed the dog. He tried to place it with the dog’s owners who were not home and a relative refused to allow the dog to stay there so he was forced to take the dog to Humane Society in Hobart.

Owners of a pit bull that had been caged and left behind an unoccupied house reclaimed their pet from the Hobart Humane Society, a shelter spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Mickie Jenkins confirmed the dog’s owners, whose names she declined to give, came to the shelter Tuesday morning to pick up the dog and take it with them.

The dog’s condition when brought to the shelter was good, said Brenda Slavik, assistant director at the shelter. (NWI Times)

I’m happy to hear that the dog has finally been released from its ‘prison’ of eight months but I have to say that I am saddened that the dog was placed back with the very people who left it in the first place. Yes, the found was found in good condition but that was due to the kindness, caring and generosity of  neighbors, not the owners of the dog! Anyone who is going to leave a dog caged for eight months and care so little as to leave the dog’s care to the good will of strangers shouldn’t be allowed to have a dog.   Owning a dog is not a right, it’s a honor and a responsibilty! when will people ever learn that?!

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