UteSo glad to hear this!!! They found Ute, the missing 7 yr old yellow lab that was stolen with their vehicle!

The dog, stolen along with the family’s SUV at a gas station Saturday, was found and his family was given the happy news!

Jim Seeten, the owner of the SUV, said he was doing insurance paperwork at a friend’s house today when he got a call about Ute, the family’s pet.

“They said, ‘I think we got him.’ I asked ‘Is he overweight?’ Yep, that’s our dog.”

Ute “already made friends at the police force,” Seeten said.

The Windsor man picked up the 6-year-old dog at the Wheat Ridge Police Department shortly before noon.

“For my boys, this had just been a nightmare,” he said. “They’ve been buddies through everything. They learned a lot, cried a lot at times and prayed for a good outcome. I just hope they are able to find the car now.”

Lisa Stigall, a spokeswoman with the police department, said the dog was spotted following a group in an Arvada park. When it was learned that no one in the group owned the dog, it was taken to an animal shelter, where a chip provided the owner’s information.

“The people who found him saw a picture in the newspaper and recognized him. That’s how we got him,” she said.

Caleb, who got the dog when he was in kindergarten, said he and his brother are going to celebrate Ute’s return.

“I was just really excited that I just called everyone and told them the good news,” he said.

Caleb said he wasn’t sure, at first, if he’d see the dog again but had recently gotten a good hunch.

“I got real confident,” Caleb said.

“He’s really happy to be back with us.”

Seeten said he’s going to call the people who found Ute.

“I’m going to thank them so much for being on the alert,” he said. “They could have easily kept him. But they understood that he means so much to our family.”

Seeten said the return of his dog has reminded him, in the light of his car being stolen, that “people have a compassionate side and the will to do something good for other people.”

The missing car is a taupe 2000 Lexus LX 470, with a large rack on the roof, a black grill on the front and Colorado license plates. (Rocky Mountain News)

It’s wonderful to hear that they got their beloved furbaby back. Would be nice if they were able to recover their vehicle and belongings and the idiots, two were spotted in the vehicle but due to a ‘no-chase’ policy, the police were not able to follow, who put them through most of a weekend of hell and worry, were to face the law. But sometimes in life you have to be happy with small miracles and this is definitely one for which I am sure the family is very grateful! 😀

Thanks Chris for the heads up on this!

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