Posted this story a couple of days ago (Read full story). Just wanted to post an update, don’t have all the details; the car was found but unfortunately, Teddi Sue, the 4 mo old puppy, was not with the car.

D’Ann, Teddi Sue’s ‘mom’ is just heartbroken! Since her car was stolen on 4/16, she has been stranded in Auburn, WA; no car, no possessions (they we all in the vehicle), no money. Her only wish has been to have her baby back.

So please, if you are in the Auburn, WA area, do anything you can to help! The Dogster community has been doing everything it can, sending out fliers, contacting shelters and vets, contacting law & public officials, getting in touch with news services…. all to no avail. No one seems to care very much. 🙁Teddi sue

Here’s Teddi Sue’s picture again. She is a 4 mo old Chihuahua/Minature Pinscher mix puppy. She is just a tiny little girl and her mom is terribly worried and misses her very much!

Please, get the word out… email friends and family, repost this to your blogs, anything you can think of!!! Help to get this little girl home!!!

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