Gabriela Briones, 31
Rhett Hermanson, 18
Michael Deharo, 27

On August 16, Craig and Mary Michael were visiting the cemetery when their SUV was stolen, just feet from where they were standing, their 16-year-old wolf-malamute mix, Rebel, still inside. Just a day later the SUV was found, the dog had been left inside, in the sweltering heat, without water, to die. What a horrific story!

The crime was so brazen with a vehicle pulling up along side the Michael’s Ford Excursion, which was left idling so the dog could stay cool in the AC since he was cripple with hip dysplasia, a woman hopped out of the second vehicle, hopped in the Michael’s Excursion and sped off.

“It’s not just any dog,” a sobbing Mary Michael of Hemet said after the incident. “It’s my Rebel.”

“It’s like losing a child,” said her husband, Craig Michael.

Now the SOBs who stole the SUV, as well as a check book, cell phone and purse and caused the death of a precious family pet, have been caught and arrested!!

According to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Michael Deharo, 27, was arrested Wednesday at his parents’ home in Corona on suspicion of animal cruelty and vehicle theft. His father was arrested on suspicion of harboring a fugitive.

Gabriela Briones, 31, — who was in a San Bernardino jail on unrelated charges — was accused of animal cruelty, vehicle theft and forgery in the case. She is suspected of being the woman who stole the SUV.

Rhett Hermanson, 18, was arrested on suspicion of theft. He is accused of cashing checks reportedly stolen from the SUV. (MyDesert)

The life lost can never be replace but hopefully these scum will pay the price!!

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