Precious, the only survivor of 14 puppies abandoned in a trashbag in a dumpster In the December case of the 14 puppies abandoned in a trashbag in a Riverside dumpster in which only one tiny puppy survived, there may be some closure and charges brought.

The Jack Russel mix puppies are believed to have been dumped in the trashbag while they were still alive and 13 of the 14 succumbed to suffocation or freezing and died. The lone little survivor was adopted but the woman who found the puppies and has been named ‘Precious’.

Police have named Michael Ray Howard, 35, of the South Ogden-Riverdale as a suspect.

Detectives had spoken to him before during the initial stages of the investigation, he said. But once it became clear he was their main suspect, he stopped cooperating, Jones said. For the past week, police have tried to get Howard to go to the police station for interviews but he has failed to show on multiple occasions, he said. The 2nd District Court has issued an arrest warrant for him on Friday.

Howard faces 13 class “A” and one class “B” misdemeanors which could send him to jail for up to 14 years — one year for each puppy.

Police are asking for the public’s help, anyone with information on Howard’s whereabouts should call Riverdale police at 801-394-6616.

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