In November when police raided a Coatsville, PA house looking for drug they arrested two guys, Laquanta Chapman, 29-yrs-old and 19-year-old Bryan Byrd.  They found guns, a bullet proof vest, and the remains of a dog that had been beaten and dismembered with a chainsaw.  In their confession to the police, Chapman stated it was not the first dog he had cruelly tortured and killed.

Laquanta Chapman

Laquanta Chapman

Originally reported by Deanna HERE.  We both agreed this needs to have its’ own update.

They were both charged with multiple counts of firearm and drug violations.  Chapman was also charged with Animal Cruelty.

It gets worse.  Much worse.

During the investigation, the police found evidence of human remains.  They collected human hair and blood from chainsaws and other areas inside a city home. Police also found a bloody coat with a bullet hole in it and several bottles of bleach inside a trash bag.

The DNA analyzed belonged to 16-year-old Aaron Turner, who disappeared approximately two weeks prior to the police raid.   Aaron Turner lived in the same neighborhood as Chapman and Byrd.  In a statement made by Bryan Byrd against Laquanta Chapman, he describes in detail how Aaron Turner was killed. The details are too gruesome. You can read it here at the Chester County PA District Attorney’s Website.

Bryan Byrd

Bryan Byrd

Both defendants have been charged with criminal homicide, aggravated assault, possession of instruments of a crime, abuse of corpse, and criminal conspiracy.

Chapman now faces the death penalty.

This is a stark example of how cruelty to animals escalates to human beings.  Chapman admits to torturing and killing two dogs.  The same method he used on the dogs was used on a 16 year old neighbor.   Lawyers, prosecutors, judges, and politicians had better realize that violence against animals is likely to strike against humans.  Animal cruelty of any magnitude must be dealt with harsh punishments.  If not, look at what you get.

Anybody stupid enough to remark “it’s just an animal”  should have this shouted back at them, ” What is it going to be 100 years from now?  “Just a boy?”  “Just a girl?””


Thanks Andrea, this is truly a horrific follow-up!

These are the kinds of wastes of human life that our society does not need, not now, not later!! The death penalty is too kind.  At least two dogs lost their lives viciously and a 16-year-old boy!!  These vermin (sorry to insult vermin) were no doubt so inured to pain and suffering and violence from killing animals, being involved in dogfighting, gun and drugs that to them the life of a human being was less than nothing. They will sit in prison and think they are big tough men.  Chapman will sit on death row and file appeal after appeal after appeal while the family of Aaron Turner suffer and wonder when their suffering will finally be over.

For all those who make light of animal abuse, yes, see what it can lead to.  For all those who blow off dogfighting, look at where it can go and most always it’s combined with guns and drugs nowadays with these gangsta wannabes!

People need to open their eyes!! Our Judicial system needs to open their eyes and stop handing out slaps on the wrist for animal abuse and dogfighting.  These crimes are not a joke!! WAKE UP!!!


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