Of the 114 live dogs found at the abandoned ‘puppy mill’ in Bloomer, Sebastion County, Arkansas, last week, 33 have had to be euthanized due to severely poor health.

Humane society staff vet, Kyle Ledford, says that most of the remaining dogs should recover and now rescue groups are working diligently on finding homes for all the dogs. Many residents and companies have stepped up to help by donating food, money and medicines for the poor dogs.

Found in an abandoned kennel last Monday, Sebastion County officials say that the 114 dogs may have been without proper food or water for up to four weeks. They were malnourished, dehydrated, covered in dirt, feces, ticks, fleas, matted and/or missing fur, tumors, parasite ridden. There were two dead dogs and one dog that has eaten her own puppy.

There was confusion as to who was responsible for the welfare of the dogs and the Sabastion County sheriff’s department is investigating now.

Humane society officials are still asking for donations to help feed and care for the animals. Anybody who would like to help or adopt can contact the Sebastian County Humane Society or call (479) 783-4395

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