Dogs siezed from alledged puppy millThe story that started on Sunday with the siezure of dogs from a Northwest Tennessee home because of allegations of neglect continues to be investigated.

Almost 140 confiscated puppies and adult dogs, some of them very expensive breeds, sit as evidence at the Dyersburg fairgrounds. Animal cruelty investigators confiscated them a this house in Obion County where a suspected puppy mill was being operated.

Bud Fair, the owner of the alleged puppy mill, would not comment to Action News 5.

Dogs at the mill were allegedly found in cages in the woods behind Fair’s house. The cages had wire bottoms, and many of the breeding dogs spent most of their lives locked up in the cages.

The Obion Gibson County Humane Society is trying to build a criminal case against the Fairs.

“Right now we are waiting on a medical examination from the vet in Dyersburg,” said Obion County Sheriff Jerry Vastbinder.

Dr. Jon Martin said the animals he saw had cuts on their feet from the wire cages, scalding from urine, and socialization problems.

“Once we receive the medical evaluations, depending on what the evaluations are, if there is cruelty and neglect, we’ll sit down with the D.A. and go over the results and see if there are any charges,” Martin said.

Until that happens, the dogs will be kept as evidence. The humane society is hoping to find people to foster the dogs until a decision is made.

If you want to foster a dog, you can go to the Fairgrounds in Dyersburg Wednesday to fill out an application. They will ask you for references, because they want to make sure the dogs go to good homes.

An animal rights group from Utah plans to go to Dyersburg to offer legal expertise in making a case against the Fairs. (WMCTV)

Looks like there’s a fight brewing too!

A fight is brewing over more than one hundred animals rescued during a puppy mill bust.

A restraining order prevented hundreds of hopefuls from taking home one of the puppies, but the Humane Society said they are not giving up the puppies just yet.

Currently, 132 puppies have been seized in the bust in Obion County.

Dozens of people have turned out to clean the kennels, feed, and walk the dogs.

Wednesday afternoon, the dogs’ owner filed a temporary restraining order.

Jim Powell, the attorney in this case, claimed the puppies were taken illegaly, and that paperwork demans the dogs be turned over to the family vet.

The dogs still remain with the Humane Society.

Denise Flowers with the Humane Society refuses to turn the dogs over, claiming they will not receive the attention they deserve.

“As much work as it is, we’ll be taking care of these babies because we know they will be taken care of,” said Flowers.

Powell promises to file charges if the Humane Society continues to hold the puppies.

“When someone’s in violation of a court order, it’s possible to file a petition asking that they be held in contempt of the court order for failing to comply,” said Powell. (WMCTV)

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