BugsyBugsy, the 4 month old Chihuahua that was dragged behind his owner’s pick-up truck is doing a bit better today in Pensacola Animal Hospital. Pompeyo Morales, the man responsible for this tiny dog’s injuries, arrested Wednesday on animal cruelty charges, wants his puppy back and says he’s not guilty of animal cruelty.

“I love my dog.” Pompeyo Morales says it’s all been a misunderstanding. “It’s not intentional its accident pure accident.”

That accident left the four month old puppy named Bugsy, fighting for his life after being dragged by Morales. Derrick Chadwick, Morales’ friend, explains what happened. “He got in his truck and forgot he had his dog hooked to the mirror on the opposite side of the vehicle so he got on the drivers side and of course he drove off.”

Morales was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

“The really nasty wounds are on this side.” Dr. Gina Forgey is treating Bugsy at Safe Harbor Animal Hospital. “Yesterday he was fearful didn’t want to be petted. Today he’s starting to respond and act like a puppy again.

It’s been a rough couple of days for the dog and he still faces a long hospital stay. “As far as long term it’s great, no internal injuries no broken bones it’s all abrasions some of them are going to have to have skin grafts all of them will eventually heal,” says Forgey.

“And you want him back? Of course right now can you help to see him, can you help me,” begs Morales.

Morales can’t see the dog or help pay the medical bills. It will be up to a judge to decide where Bugsy eventually ends up but Chadwick believes in the end, everything will work out in Morales’ favor. “The thing is it’s not intentional it’s a horrific accident.”

Morales is free on bond, he will be in court later this month.

Meantime, Bugsy is expected to make a complete recovery. (WKRG)

Since the news of Bugsy’s plight made national news, hundreds and hundreds of calls have flooded in by people wanting to give the tiny dog a wonderful home!

Calls have been flooding into the Escambia County Animal Shelter.

“It was a nuthouse (Thursday),” said Candace Stordahl, animal control supervisor. “We probably got about 300 calls.”

Stordahl said the shelter is pursuing a legal hold on the dog.

“If the owner will not relinquish custody we will request a custody hearing,” she said. (The Pensacola News Journal)

Public response to this has been incredible and people are not being very forgiving to Morales as you can see by the comments to the original story. Accident or not, there are too many questions surrounding this whole incident; ‘why was the puppy left tied to the truck in the first place?’ being the biggest!

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