hoochie_raley_airIt’s been way over a year since Chris Butler’s huskies, Hoochie and Raley, were shot by Christopher Comins in Orange County, Florida.   Finally, after unsuccessfully trying to get the two felony animal cruelty charges dismissed, Christopher Comins is headed for trial.  Today, a judge denied a motion to dismiss charges against Comins.

Christopher Comins was caught on video shooting the dogs that were running about in a pasture with  livestock last May.  He said he was given permission by the land owner to shoot the dogs.  Hoochie and Raley survived the shooting.  But Hoochie lost an eye and Raley still has a bullet in him.

Comins also insists that the two dogs were about to attack him.

Back in October, lawyers for Comins argued that the charges he faces, the two counts of animal cruelty, are unconstitutional.   After hours of testimony spread over the course of six days, Orange County circuit judge Bob LeBlanc denied the motions.  Well, so much for Comins and his crack team of experts and lawyers.chris_comins

Apparently Christopher Comins has *connections*.  He has friends in low places and likes to throw his weight around.  A blogger that set up a website about the shooting is now being sued by Comins.  Take a look at the Barbarian Hillbilly Dog Assassin.     Comins is suing him over his report on the shootings.   The report on this blog is really chilling.

He’s placed another blog about his lawsuit with Comins at Comins vs. VanVoorhis.

Christopher Comins is not a stranger to the courts.  In 2005 he was charged with Felony Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and pleaded No Contest to a reduced misdemeanor charge of Improper Display of a Weapon or Firearm.   At the Barbarian Hillbilly Dog Assassin website, the entire video shot by an Irish tourist is available.  It’s still hard to watch.  I watched it just before doing this update.  The two huskies weren’t attacking cattle, they were running amok amongst them.  They made no threatening advances towards Comins.  Yet he shot them nine times, even after they were down.  Even after Chris Butler was shouting and running up to him.  You can also see poor Mr. Butler completely distraught over his dogs.  The girl taking the video expressed her shock at the shootings and was convinced one of the dogs was dead.   It’s an awful video.  I don’t ever want to view it again.

Besides, call me a square, call me gun-stupid-uneducated, but who in their right mind goes out to protect cattle with two 9mm handguns! Huh?

With a previous firearms conviction, this Comins should never be allowed to own a gun again.  He was reckless out in that pasture.  He shot Chris Butler’s dogs several times after they were down and suffering.  He was also shooting too close to witnesses alongside the field.

He needs to do jail, be fined, and pay restitution.  And for God’s sake, somebody take his guns away before something else gets shot.

You can see the original story along with the video and updates HERE.


Thanks Andrea. Now let’s hope that this is the first step onthe road to justice for Raley and Hoochie.  Chris Butler took responsibilty for the dogs to be running loose.  Often in more rural areas people do let their dogs run off leash whether they are supposed to or not.  Chris Butler tracked his beloved dogs down as quickly as he could but Comins was having too much fun using them for target practice.  Butler’s screaming, begging and pleading went ignore by this gun toting wild west wannabe.  Seems Comins likes guns, probably thinks it makes him a big man.  He got away with it before, waving a gun and threatening a minor, probably though he was going to walk away from it again.  He underestimated the love of a man for his dogs, a Irish tourist with a video camera, and the love and dedication of many dog and animal lovers out there, some of them who even have some clout too!

I will look forward to the outcome of this trial.  I don’t necessarily espect a whole lot but even a small measure would be some justice.  It would prove that he’s not as big a man as he thinks or as important.  May justice prevail!

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