Lucky, dog stabbed in headA couple of weeks ago I told you about Lucky, the pit bull who was found with a hunting knife embedded about 4″ into her skull.

Now, less than two weeks later, Lucky is recovered and doing great, a ‘bouncing bundle of fur.’ And this sweet ‘bouncing bundle of fur’ is ready to be adopted now.

As of  late Monday, the Atlanta Humane Society stopped taking application for her adoption and it is expected that they will announce today who Lucky will be going home with.

With all the media attention of the Michael Vick case, everyone is now familiar with the pit bull breed and there is also quite a bit of notoriety surrounding Lucky because, not only of her breed, but as well because of her amazing story and incredible survival.

This was Lucky, then named Mama, when she was brought to the Humane Society. YouMama with knife in her head can see the knife embedded deep into her skull! Even then, with such a horrific injury, she was sweet and was wagging her tail and licking her rescuers.

The Humane Society wants to eliminate anyone who’s simply reacting out of emotion driven by the Vick case which has produced a ground swell of interest from people wanting to adopt pit bulls.

“I think everyone is interested in this breed right now. We want someone who has love for this breed for the right reasons,” said P.J. Smith of the Atlanta Humane Society.

I have no doubt that Lucky’s future will be a bright and happy one! 🙂 Doncha just love a happy ending? If only they could find the maniac who did this so they couldn’t do something like this to another innocent animal! That would truly be a happy ending!

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