The pitbull puppy, dubbed ‘Metro’, whose story has gone viral after being refused any kind of help when found abandoned on the freezing sidewalk, starved to skin and bones outside the Anderson Inner City Animal Hospital a few days ago,  is showing quite a bit of improvement.

From the Erie County SPCA as of 12/3 –  TEN POUNDS…ALMOST ELEVEN…AND GAINING! Not everyone looks this good in pink argyle…but we think METRO looks BEAUTIFUL!! She’s up to 10.8 pounds, and we know you’ll be as thrilled as we are to see this line taken directly from her medical report: “LAST NIGHT: NORMAL PUPPY BEHAVIOR!!!!!!” At 8:43 this morning, her temperature registered at 99.7 – not bad for a dog whose temperature didn’t even register when she arrived last week.

When Metro was found on November 28, it was questionable if she would survive.  She scored only a 1 on a body scale of 1 to 9.  Since then she has been supported “medically through heating pads, IV fluids, vitamin supplements, and a diet particularly for starvation cases.”

In just a few days she’s come so far; she’s alert, can actually stand on her own and even took a few steps.  Needless to say, she’s eating very well.  Her condition is still classed as guarded but she’s being well cared for and monitored every step of the way.

If you want to help with Metro’s care, you can donate to Erie SPCA here.

So wonderful to be able to share a positive update!  Sending positive thoughts and prayers to Metro that she will continue to improve into the happy and healthy puppy she’s meant to be!

SPCA animal cruelty investigation officers are currently investigating the circumstances leading up to Metro’s emaciated state. Anyone with information on Metro is encouraged to contact SPCA Director of Animal Cruelty Investigations Jeff Eyre, 716-629-3525. The SPCA does accept and respond to anonymous tips.

Note – I’ve gotten comments the the vet clinic was closed and there was no one there to help, getting bashed for being critical of the animal hospital.  Well, I’ve spoken to some vets and clinics since then and what I’ve gotten is that there is usually always either someone on the premises to watch animals that are there or can be there quickly with just a phone call, a much faster response time than a shelter or humane society.  Also, at the least, there was a custodian there who answered the door and it would not have been too much for him to show a little humanity and compassion to take the puppy inside or at least wrap the puppy in a blanket or towels. So as far as I am concerned, they deserve all the criticism they get!

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