Sgt. Charles JonesSince I wrote the story yesterday on NC Trooper, former Sgt. Charles Jones being fired for hanging and kicking his K-9 partner, Richo, I have been following the following the story and looking at what people are saying.

Sadly and to my disgust, it seems that many of his fellow troopers find no fault in the use of these abusive techniques and feel that kicking, beating and even choking are acceptable methods of training a K-9 partner.

Dog handlers for the North Carolina State Highway Patrol have stunned dogs with tasers, swung them by their leashes until they became airborne and hit them with plastic bottles full of pebbles.

None of that was an issue until a trooper used his cell phone to record a video of a sergeant kicking his police dog repeatedly while it was leashed to a loading dock, its hind legs just touching the ground.

What is wrong with these people, these officers of the law who are supposed to protect and serve?? How can they possibly not only condone, but also do the same thing to one degree or another?!

Many of the highway patrol members said they’ve seen similar training techniques as demonstrated in the cell phone video. Some said they have kicked dogs and some said, while they’ve never done exactly what Charles Jones did when he left Richo to hang for a few seconds, they did not consider it abusive. (NBC17)

Thankfully during the hearing State Attorney Ashby Ray did go through a list of other highway patrol members who were on record saying the treatment of Richo, as seen in the cell phone video, was “excessive.”So at least we can see that this mentality has not permeated the entire force!

Watch the new video and tell me what you think, then read on to see what the public, the people who are paying these men to protect and serve, is saying!

Troopers approve of kicking, choking, beating K-9s

Today I spent some time reading almost 200 comments connected to the case. A question was posed, “Should the Trooper Have Been Fired?” and with the exception of only a few, 3-4 comments, the unanimous response was a resounding YES! Most people, aside from those who feel he should receive the same punishment that he meted out the the dog, also feel that he should be charged with either animal cruelty or assault against a police office since technically Richo was an officer of the law.

I cannot disagree with this and also feel that losing his job should only be the first step in his punishment!

They also feel that any officer condoning or agreeing with these ‘techniques’ should be removed from the force, again I agree. Animal abuse is animal abuse…period!!

And what are trainers and other K-9 Officers saying after watching the video of Jone ‘discipling’ his K-9 partner? That it’s disturbing, abuse!

Rockingham County dog trainers and officer K-9 handlers tell me there’s simply no excuse for kicking or hanging the animal.

They say that is not training. While the way they train may be anything but gentle, experts say it’s actually fun for the dog.

Ringo is a Belgian Malinois training to be a K-9 officer. His trainer calls what he saw in the state trooper cell phone video, abuse.

“It’s a shame,” says Adam Witherspoon. Officers at the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department agree. “It is disturbing to see that,” says Sheriff Sam Page. Canine handler Sergeant Chester Eads notes “at times you have to make things a little uncomfortable, but never punching or kicking or hanging a dog.”

In a biting exercise, Witherspoon hits Ringo with a padded stick that he insists does not hurt.”This is to.. keep him focused on if the person that he’s biting has a weapon, and is sittin’ there hittin’ him with the weapon… he doesn’t pay attention to that and let go which puts the officer in jeopardy.”

Witherspoon notes it’s actually fun for Ringo, and that harming the dog is out of the question.

“For anyone to betray a dog’s trust and abuse it, that’s bad. And I don’t know why it happens,” says Witherspoon. (

I quote what a friend said in an email to me in anger and disgust, “The state needs to OVERHAUL the NC Highway Patrol and any other dept. that abuses animals.

The state needs to FIRE the idiots who think animal abuse is OK for training. God help the dogs in all their homes and their wives and children.”

If Jones is reinstated, I pity those in charge who make the decision. Public opinion, those whose money pays the salaries and whose votes elect, will not be kind!!

Please take a moment to sign the PETITION to prosecute former Sgt. Charles Jones to the full extent of the law!!

UPDATE – On an interesting sidenote to the case, due to the testimony during the hearing “Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety Brian Beatty suspended all use of canines by Highway Patrol based on testimony heard in the Charles Jones case. The suspension is immediate, and for an indefinate amount of time.”

Sounds like he feels the training methods employed by Jones and admitted to by other troopers are far from proper training for dogs. I applaud this move and hope to see a major overhaul, both of acceptable training methods and officers!

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