puppyWell folks, with everyone’s wonderful efforts, we got scammer and NJ puppy broker, Vicki Patterson who went under NJ Collie Rescue and Referral, off Petfinder but she’s back at it. That’s right, she now has another website where she’s selling ‘rescue’ dogs at a discount.

As you may recall, this “rescue” has been operating like your run-of-the-mill pet store. It was confirmed in a conversation with the commercial kennel owner on June 23, 2008 that all or most of the purebred puppies which were listed on her now-defunct NJ Collie Rescue’s PetFinder website (under the name New Jersey Collie Rescue & Referral) were purchased from the MO breeder whose kennel name was superimposed on some of the pictures.

In fact, the breeder stated she was under the impression that Vicki Patterson was a pet shop owner when she purchased the 12-14 week old puppies at prices “far less than the usual advertised prices” of $200 found on the website. Patterson not only demanded cash only for her “special rescue rates” of $500 to $745, she also stated the puppies were “saved from auction” (which the MO breeder confirmed –what we’ve known for years–that young puppies are rarely, if ever, sold at auctions – that most of the dogs found at puppy mill auctions are older, retired breeders).

Here’s the information I got today, this update was sent to me by Mary Shaver-O’conner of BanOhioAuctions and issued by Libby Williams of NJCAPSA;

  • To contact Vicki directly – > victoriasvanners@gmail.com

Just a heads-up to all rescues and rescuers who contacted us about Vicki Patterson and NJ Collie Rescue & Referral Vicki Patterson has a new website and is selling puppies under a new name: Purebreed Puppy Rescue. As you recall, Patterson was suspended from PetFinder and apparently had to find another way to sell her puppies, which are now listed at a reduced price of $400!


She is also selling on this website: http://horsetopia.horse-for-sale.org/local/products-and-tack/l289958

Rescue Purebred Puppies

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Purebreed puppies need rescue too! When a breeder does not sell their puppy to the big brokerage houses they have no other outlet for them. Many of them end up in auction houses. We are here to help prevent this Anyone can buy a pup at the auction house. . .and there are many nice families who do. Then there are the pit bull breeders looking for pit bull bait, the ‘good ole boys’ looking to do a little target practice, the laboratories etc etc. and some get homes where they will live out their lives chained outside in some ones back yard.

We are the interceptor. We intercept them BEFORE they enter the auction floor and transport them to NJ. Flying most of them in at great expense. These puppies are not rejects. . .they are healthy. Been dewormed. UTD on shots. Most are males. . .because it seems the puppy buying population mainly wants females leaving many many male puppies unwanted. Most are older then 7 weeks old.

Yet they are @ 8 to 10 weeks old.

Our adoption fee for these purebreed puppies is $400. that covers the transport to Nj, shots de worming and foster care. Compared to similar puppies our rescue pups adoption fee is very reasonable our current adoptable puppies can be seen here http://www.siteskins.net/purebreedpuppyrescue/ sorry we do not ship. Thank you for trying to help our puppies.

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Whitehouse Station NJ, 08889 (map)

Price: – $400

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